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I sit here drinking my coffee and browsing for jobs and I can’t help but think why? Why is it taking so long to get a job? I am in Las Vegas, I have the experience and qualifications but no matter how many resumes and all of the interviews, I can’t land a job for nothing. Now I know what most would say, “maybe it’s her resume” or “maybe its her interview skills”, all of this has gone through my head a million times. The issue is that I have had a lot of training in these areas and I have never had an issue getting a job before moving here. In my background I was lucky enough to work for Dell for 5 years and in two different states. They were very big on mock interviews and resume building skill shops. I even took my resume to my Colleges career department and they helped me fine tune it.

Now here is the funny part, you really can have too much experience and be over qualified. I never believed that before because in my mind, people want the person who will do the job the best and be the most efficient. That is the joke and to me that is very sad. I am fortunate enough to have an aunt in Las Vegas who asked me to send her my resume so I could work as a receptionist, I am a shoe in right? Nope, her boss takes a look at my resume and sees all of my continuing education, all of my experience and asks exactly why I would want to settle for being a receptionist and stay at their company. I wasn’t even considered. My feedback was that I need to modify my resume, take off all of my hard work with pursuing my MBA, and only sometimes include my Bachelors degree, as it is now a hinderance. I should also consider what job history I include for the last 5 years as to downplay my experience.

This is wrong on so many levels. All of my life I was told I needed to go to college in order to have the best chance at life. I was made to believe that would give me a guaranteed path and I have been blindsided by the truth of life. The problem I face is that I don’t fully know which employers I need to show all of my efforts and which I should not. How can I land a job that will allow me to take care of my children and not have to settle for 9.00/hr at 31 years old and stuck moving back in with my parents. I know I can do anything and I believe in myself so I will keep trudging along. The good news is that I have 3 interviews tomorrow. Yay me right lol. Two of them are commission only jobs so I hope the third one turns into something. There is one job I have been waiting on since I interviewed the day after Christmas for. I want that job, it is right up my ally but last week they told me they still haven’t made a decision and the delay was due to the holidays. We are at the month mark next week so I am not sure at this point. I have been stalking the energy website waiting for a customer service position to open up but they very rarely hire and the process takes months once your application is in. What I don’t understand is why is it so hard to get a job in this big little city with a million and a half jobs available at all times lol?

I wanted to include a great interview tip at the bottom this in case anyone else is feeling my frustration about the job search. When an interviewer asks you a question they prefer that when you respond you use the STAR method in order to help you stay on point and not go out of the scope of the question.

STAR Method:

S: Situation

  • You tell a situation that is based upon the question that is asked

T: Task

  • You state the tasks that needed to be done

A: Actions Took

  • State the actions that needed to be taken in order to gain the desired result

R: Result

  • As a result of the actions you took what was the outcome



Tell me about a time where you had to step up as a supervisor and help out another team

S (Situation) – When I was a supervisor we had buddy teams so if one supervisor called out the designated buddy supervisor would step up and keep an eye on that team. One day my buddy supervisor called out so I had to step up and watch both teams for the day.

T (Task) – I needed to ensure I opened up their team chat and monitored it so I can help with questions. I also had to call any agents that called out for the day to check on them. I needed to pull their teams reports and coach any stragglers for the day. I also needed to check for any emergent quality score or survey score coaching and handle those as needed.

A (Actions Took) – I accessed all their reports and made a list in order of importance and went between my team and the buddy team in intervals to ensure everything got done promptly. I was able to ensure both teams stayed on task and enlisted a SME (Subject Matter Expert) to also keep an eye on the team chats for additional questions.

R (Results) – This enabled both teams to feel they had support with the strain of one less support staff. The important thing I had to remember was to stay calm and prioritize tasks.

That is an example of a STAR response to an interview question. This is a great way to organize thoughts when you have to come up with these questions on the whim. Thanks for listening today everyone. Feel free to add any additional interview tips in the comments.


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