My Journey in Time

Life, It's Never What We Expect Follow Me On My Writing Journey


Im in the dark surrounded by light

Everywhere I turn the dark creeps in

I look past the dark and see everyone in the light

Laughing, Talking, Being Themselves

I curse myself and think why, why can’t I just go talk to everyone

I am in a room surrounded by friends and family yet I feel so alone

I imagine myself standing on a table and I scream at the top of my lungs

No-one can hear me, no-one see’s

All of this quietness inside make me feel crazy

If I speak my mind will it go with the conversation or will people think I am odd

Those fears are immobilizing bringing on the panic and making me freeze in place

They don’t see they don’t understand, for as much as they try, it is impossible

Anxiety….you are a bully

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