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I can’t help but think about what women have to do in order to be presentable to society. It makes me sick to think that while a man can wake up shower and be sexy as hell, women have to work on it. Don’t get me wrong there are plenty of men that take care of themselves but it’s a lot less effort than you see normally.

Women wax, shave, and pluck everything! We have to blow dry our hair and straighten it or curl it or whatever else we do. We spend so much time putting on makeup and making sure it’s perfect. We then pry ourselves into tight clothing that we fight with in order to please society and men in general. It doesn’t even cover the fact that as women we starve ourselves, work out twice as hard and have half the results as men do.

Men, it is important to recognize the hard work women put in to look sexy for you. Acknowledge it, compliment her, let her know she took your breath away. It is also important to compliment your spouse even on the not so hard work days.

Society puts a lot of pressure on a woman to be perfect and when they are not it’s the worst feeling in the world.

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