My Journey in Time

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Author Tiffani Slaughter

It was so early this morning, all I hear is “knock, knock, knock!” It is not knocking that is friendly it’s of a stranger. My boyfriend jumps out of bed from a deep sleep and runs to the door, “who is it!?!” The man says he is looking for me and asks by my maiden name (married and divorced but never changed my name back). He says one moment and then I ask him to see who the guy is and what he wants. My boyfriend (we will call him man) brings back papers.

Now this comes as a shock to me because it is from the state of Idaho. They served me because my eldest daughter (we will call her big girl) has a terrible sperm donor in prison and he is requesting that the child support, that I never receive anyways, be stopped until he is back out of prison this time. Sperm donor has never paid much child support in 15 years except this last two years at 167 per month until he went back to prison. He is a sex offender who should have gone to prison when he got me pregnant. I was only 14 when he knocked me up (my first time and it wasn’t fully consensual) and I had my daughter at 15. He was never there and has no relationship with her. He owes me over 10,000 in child support and this measly 167 a month covered nothing anyways. This man has 5 kids by different moms and abandons each of them. He believes the world needs a lot of his children and that is so sad.

My point is it doesn’t matter because he doesn’t help and the money was never consistent. He ya harmed my daughter more than helped and I’ve had to go through her struggles with her because of him. Big girl actually called him and asked him to sign over his rights so man can adopt her, as he has been the only man that has raised her, and he screamed no I will never let some $&$&&$ (big racial slur) raise my daughter.

Because of this man showing up at my door I had to revisit all my anger towards sperm donor and what he has done in the last forever. He doesn’t deserve the right to keep bringing himself into our lives in this negative way. So I will not contest this and I will hope with all of me that when he gets out he stays away.

I don’t think I care if he ever gets out or if he ever pays again. I am the one that has been there through all of big girls successes and failures, first heart aches, questions about where dad is, there when she had a mental break down after sperm donor made a half added attempt to come back in her life and failed again. She almost died from that! He sent her a homemade card from prison one and spelled her name wrong and called her a boy, how does a parent mistake that?

Not all men are like this thankfully but it sucks nonetheless.

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