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A victim should never be treated like the criminal unless you have definitive proof you really aren’t a victim.

When the United States created a police, I can almost believe with my whole heart it was with the best of intentions. The intention to protect the innocent, to bring criminals to justice. As I grew older it became more and more apparent that police aren’t always someone you can trust, someone you can know for a fact will protect you against harassment, against harm, against violence. A cop should be someone that listens, unbiased, and does what is right not what is easiest. They should be trustworthy and a person shouldn’t fear the police until they give the police a reason to be scary.

The story

Two days ago someone vandalized my car and I am pretty certain that it was the downstairs neighbors son because of all of the harassment they have put us through since they moved here in August. The son assaulted me by pushing me into a wall I called 911 and I tried to stop the car from leaving by standing in the middle of the road he started pushing and grabbing me and when I grabbed at his bag to get him off me so we could wait for the police to arrive he bit me. He assaulted me because when his 19 year old sister pushed me I went to push her back (most normal people would). I called the police and they were on the phone as he bit me.

It took the police 9 hours to arrive at my house. This incident happened at about 3pm and they didn’t come until 11:45pm. I called the police at 3pm then again at 6pm and again at 9pm. Each time I called them they reassured me I wasn’t forgotten. It took me calling again at 11 when the husband and wife from downstairs were beating in my door and trying to push through my man to get to me. Mind you, when we answered the door we thought it was the cops, since I expected them to knock loud. When we opened the door they tried to push in and then wouldn’t let us close the door. They kept calling me a fat bitch and all sorts of other foul names and then told me they were going to kill me and then the husband said I will kill you bitch I have killed before this is nothing. My man blocked them from touching me and we finally got the door closed as I am calling 911 again. Once they said they would let the officers know what was happening. This all could have been prevented had they come after the first time.

These people had called their people to come get me and they were all downstairs when the cops arrived. When the cops came upstairs the officer came at me like I was the perpetrator, loudly and sternly asking me before I could speak if I knew how old the boy was and when I stated no he kept asking. He was aggressive when I started to talk. Here I am crying and scared and shaking and trying my hardest to calm down as I tell him what  happened and he interrupts me to tell me to stop being so loud and calm down in a mean harsh voice. I look at him shocked and say excuse me but I am def in one ear and when I am upset and crying I talk loud to which he tells me then calm yourself before you talk to me!!! How could an officer of the law really tell me that when I am the victim, I called them for help, I waited for so many hours that it escalated into something that could’ve become deadly and I need to calm down?

Come to find out this boy who is 6’0″ tall is actually 16 years old and because I grabbed his bag and admitted to that I was given 2 battery citations (any other state or probably city would have arrested me). I now have to go to court to possibly have 2 misdemeanor charges because even though we had an audience people came out for the end and no-one would speak up (I’m assuming they were scared because of the hoard of scary people that showed up to hurt me before the cops arrived). They said that the boy and the girl both corroborated each others stories and they have to go with them saying I attacked them and they did nothing. How is this fair??? I have no criminal record, I was just defending myself. The cop even had the nerve to tell me that they believe their timeline and not mine even though I was on the phone with my man when the girl pushed me and he heard me scream don’t fucking touch me again when the boy slammed me into the wall. I then hung up on him to call the police and they heard him bite me and then leave but the cops said nope you grabbed him and he bit you then they pushed you so now I am in trouble.

My head right now

I am numb today and have struggled to write this as I am enraged by the injustice that happened that night. I can’t sleep and I can barely sit still. I crashed hard last night after the adrenaline finally wore off over 24 hours after the incident but them awoke almost every half hour.

Almost a Shooting

The cops did nothing about their threats and when my man insisted on writing a report for the police to file in regards to them attempting to break in and threatening to kill me. They told him no and then the asshole officer that treated me like a vile piece of garbage walked up to my man and put his hand on him and said you better calm down. That right there is a way to try and push most men to blow up if they are so upset already. My man made me so proud he said sir please do not touch me and went and called for a sergeant. My man is African-American and we are a biracial couple with biracial kids and when the cop put his hand on his shoulder for no reason other than to challenge him I was scared that my man would get shot. Thank the lord that didn’t happen but he really showed me that I can’t trust the police to do the right thing.

A Disgrace

It should never take almost 10 hours to respond to a police call. It would never have gotten so bad had they arrived a little quicker. The sergeant gave me the excuse that while most cities have cops assigned to different areas based on population here in the Las Vegas area they do it based on crime rate. So because I chose to live in a safer area I have to worry that when there is an emergency I won’t be safe!!!! There is no justice in what they did and no justice in how they handled it. I called the cops desperate for help in a time most would have chose to fight and let things get worse I did the right thing and I am being punished for being assaulted.

People make  sure you video everything when someone comes at you because you can’t rely on anyone to account for the truth of what happened. Remember me telling you how we live upstairs from them? We live literally above them and even though I know we aren’t supposed to talk to them and vice versa I am scared to go outside. I came home today from taking my baby to school (the big kindergarten) and the husband was waxing his car and staring me down. I was so scared I had to call my man to come get me as I was paralyzed to leave the car. He then proceeded to tell whomever he was on the phone with that I am all sorts of names and kept talking about his guns.

What if the next time he comes at me it is with a gun? What if he hurts my children? What if I need the police and they don’t come in time? My man is very prideful so even though we have been offered a chance to break our lease without punishment he doesn’t want to be forced from his home so they can win. He said I can’t be scared and can’t let them win. I am going to try but man I hope this is the end of it until they are evicted. There is no justice in this world and no hope for humanity.

I included some pictures of my screenshots of my calls to both the security company and the police starting at 3 as well as my bite and the bruise and the funny thing is that when they finally called me to tell me they were in route and wanted to make sure the neighbors had no weapons their number came up as a possible scam hahaha. We have to find the humor somewhere inside all of this madness in this sad sad world.

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