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I have been away for quite a while from my blog in a search for myself and a search for what to write. I had a lot of stuff happen to me since I started this blog and the biggest was my post from 02/01/18 when I was assaulted but because the guy wasn’t 18 yet and I grabbed his bag I am being punished. I had pretrial today and as I left I couldn’t stop the tears…..

They pushed my pretrial again after being there today and they are finally going to view the 911 calls I made and view the video where the dad was threatening to kill me. I feel so sad that in this world you can’t do anything to defend yourself, including grabbing a kids backpack strap to pull him off of you as he is grabbing you and biting you. I feel injustice because I just started a great job and have already had to leave twice for court only to be postponed. The good thing is that I have a lawyer and he doesn’t understand why they are punishing me My first court date I pled not guilty and they said they dismissed one of the two charges. When I arrived today they let me know they are actually coming at me with both charges still because the parents are insisting. This is so unfair. They have also been harassing my 15 year old daughters school counselor saying she has been harassing their son and let me tell you that is bull crap! She comes home telling me how he showed up in yet another class making fun of her and embarrassing her. They have no classes together and he is in a higher grade than my daughter. I had to go to the school and was promised it would not happen again. Now he still shows up in her classes and says nothing to her but stares her down as he asks random questions to the teacher. He makes sure to let her know he is still here. Now, his dad is the same way and I completely understand him doing this because of his dads crazy example. After the incident they were evicted as this was the last straw for the apartments. A month after the eviction they finally came to get their stuff and the dad saw my car and instead of parking at the office to get the key to go in he followed me, I had no clue he was even there that day. As I am pulling in to park backwards I look up and his car is blocking me in my car space and we are face to face, he laughs and backs up and parks at that point. I was scared to death that he finally got his gun back and was there to use it. I had both my girls in the car and had no way out other than exiting the car to go upstairs, so that is what I did. I decided I wouldn’t allow him to see me being so scared and I faced it maturely and went to my apartment. There have been no incidents since that day but I fear everyday that he will come out and have that gun, especially if things don’t go there way. The judge made a comment today that made me realize they are pushing for me to go to jail for a year all for grabbing this kids backpack.

There really is justice in this world where an entitled 16-17 year old high school basketball player is allowed to put his hands on someone and get away with it because I GRABBED HIS BACKPACK STRAP WHEN HE GRABBED AND BIT ME. This is not fair there is no justice.

All this will teach this boy and his cousin is that it doesn’t matter their actions they will get off Scott free because they are not 18 yet. It shouldn’t matter age if someone puts their hands on another. There has to be someone teaching this Youth that it is  not ok and they will not be ok if they commit a crime.

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