My Journey in Time

Life, It's Never What We Expect Follow Me On My Writing Journey

“Don’t touch my dog! Leave him alone, he isn’t doing anything to you! Please Stop!” Harmony Cried. unable to stop the tears, “Stop! I Said Stop! Daaaaaaad please come stop him!”

The strange man stopped kicking her dog that was tied to a tetherball pole. He laughed as he walked into the house where her parents were. Harmony ran after him Crying hoping her dad will tell this insane person to leave and never come back. As she see’s her parents behind an open door, the room full of smoke, it was then she knew this was not a time to get justice for her animal. She turns around and runs to the back yard where her siblings are loving their Labrador Tiny better.

“There there Tiny it’s okay” Gracie says through her tears. She is 2 years old and doesn’t fully understand what is going on right now.

As Harmony calm her down they walk back to the tent. Harmony had set up a tent in the back yard for them when they first arrived. There is no power in the house and its warmer in the tent anyways. They have been in this house for the last month and the fear she felt had never been greater. Her parents made them move here with this strange guy and there are always a lot of scary creepy people that come and go. They learned to fend for ourselves here because they are always in a cloud of smoke surrounded by these strange glass vases. She still doesn’t understand how you would put flowers in those vases when they can’t sit upright. A lot of the time their dad is gone running some errands so when he isn’t in that room he is gone. When their dad leaves mom just sleeps and sleeps. No one knows anything going on with them. Sometimes she wonders if anyone knows that they are sleeping in the backyard?

“Somewhere over the rainbow”, Harmony sings to Gracie as she rocks her to sleep. I sure wish we had our own place again. At least we had a real room to escape to. I look over at Ralph and see that he is okay. He has been silent since we got here and refuses to talk to anyone. He is almost 4 years old and not quite as far along as he should be. He had started making progress at my Uncles house before my dad came and pulled us away again.

Ralph signs that he is hungry and looks at me expectantly. We didn’t have much food and I am almost out of my stash from selling pinecones with bird seed on them to the neighbors. She made $5.00 the other day and spent it on bread and peanut butter. She walked over to the chest and whipped up one of the last few sandwiches they have left. “There is enough to feed Gracie and Ralph tonight for dinner” she thinks to herself as her tummy growls, “I hope they leave me a bite or two tonight” she looks at her arms and see the outline of bones underneath a thin sheet of skin.

She can’t help but think of the way things were before all of this. Mom and dad used to take her all over the state going camping and panning for gold. She was their princess and they were always so happy. One day, not long after Ralph was born, her mom became very sad and dad stopped coming home as much as possible. From then on nothing that happened ever brought back that joy that once was her family.

“Oh how I wish we were anyplace but here in this tent” Harmony sighed, “It’s as if we are in a nightmare” She starts to hum and she snuggles her siblings close to her and lulls them into a wonderful nap time slumber. Little did Harmony know, her relatives were about to intervene and force my parents to do right by them. Well, at least what they think is right.


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