My Journey in Time

Life, It's Never What We Expect Follow Me On My Writing Journey

Chapter 2

Author Tiffani Slaughter

Harmony awakens to sounds of her uncle and mom talking, well her uncle is talking and her mom is crying uncontrollably. Something is going on so she decides to slip out of the tent and go see what it is before waking the kids.

“There you are harmony! Where are your siblings?” Jasper asks, annoyed as always that she had not anticipated him arriving and been prepared.

“They are still taking their nap in the tent, I thought I would find out what was going on before waking the cry babies” Harmony said, hoping he would believe it. At 8 going on 9 years old she was very intuitive and was always able to access a situation from a young age.

“Wake them up, gather your things, and get in my truck” says Jasper, “We have everyone meeting at my home and we need to get going”. Her uncle impatiently walked towards his truck, making it very clear he was not going to help her, leaving her with a hysterical mom and two babies to help her.

Harmony hurried to the tent to grab her siblings and the bags she never fully unpacked and leaving behind the rest. This was their chance at freedom and a better life. She Readied each kid and had them potty before climbing into the truck. She hummed as she loaded everything in and snuggled between Gracie and Ralph praying they would fall back asleep for the long ride ahead. Her uncle lived an hour away from where they had been hole up.

Please! Can’t we wait for him to get home? He is going to be so angry when we aren’t here!” Julie wailed. She continued to beg in hopes Jasper would suddenly learn compassion and allow them to wait. She was sadly mistaken.

“No, we will not wait for him.” Jasper grew stern “My brother could be gone for a day or two you know how he gets when he is using. Besides, you know what will happen if he comes home and we are waiting, it would be a war!”

Julie knew he was right and she had to accept what was about to come no matter what happened to her. It was about time someone stepped in to help her do what they thought was right by these kids. She slumped into the car with none of her stuff. She didn’t want anything besides her children. She stared out the window as silent tears streamed down her face. She wondered if she was doing the right thing and analyzed the situation over and over again the whole way.

An hour later they pulled up to his two story home and saw cars and police lined up. No-one quite knew what to expect so they had prepared for the worst.

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