My Journey in Time

Life, It's Never What We Expect Follow Me On My Writing Journey

I smoked the blunt to numb the pain

To ease this emptiness inside

I inhaled deeply the calm settles around

No longer do I feel like I’m clawing to escape

I exhaled with relief for this is my way to face it

I no longer feel like I’m spiraling this depression which consumes

I feel fully functioning I can smile and tell a joke

People see me as bubbly and full of life while in reality I’m sad and alone

I am thankful for this release as it’s my only way at times

What no one truly understands is how helpless and immobilizing It can truly feel

Depression you consume me I’m fighting back day by day I take my time minute by minute second by second

My choices not always right I know where I stand

Marijuana I truly thank you sometimes your my only friend

You ease my pain you help me smile you enable me to breath and feel ok

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