My Journey in Time

Life, It's Never What We Expect Follow Me On My Writing Journey

He cuts me down

So far down, there is no one end in site

It’s dark and gloomy 😞

I am fighting for a chance, fighting for what’s right

No he will not let that happen, he will not let me win

What he doesn’t get is, I don’t want to win I want US to win

He doesn’t see that he doesn’t see me, he sees only what he wants

He cuts me down

I’m not good enough everything I do has hidden meaning

All I want is a real chance I deserve that I deserve to be held and touched and romanced and made to feel special I deserve to come first

He hears me say these things and laughs always making excuses

For in his eyes he does no wrong it’s always me

He has pushed me so far down so far away from him that no matter how hard I’ve tried there is no coming back

He cuts me down

I’m sinking faster and faster I long to be held and loved the way I love him I fell away I don’t kiss him anymore I don’t touch him I don’t know if I will ever be enough for him so I long to run instead of feeling not enough

He sees me crying and walks away, not caring he is the cause of my tears

He doesn’t want me he doesn’t love me, even if he believes he does. How can someone love another yet not see that other, not feel their pain, not comfort and reassure

He cuts me down

No longer do I feel on top of his world but on my own I’m falling deeper into myself this depression ensues me and consumes all of my emotion I stay away because sex confuses real emotion and I need real from him not hearing how terrible I am or how I screw this and that up

I will cry these tears one last time but then I will get up and be the strong independent woman I was before you and no longer will you be allowed to affect me

You will not cut me down anymore

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