My Journey in Time

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My end

Author Tiffani Slaughter

The end is finally here I’m numb

I walked away I know I needed to

We love so hard but hated even harder

I thought we would be forever, boy was I wrong

I started to look to open my eyes to what I really was

My pictures were scarce our time together rare

I was not his prize but his disgrace his embarrassment

He has been by my side but not for me

We have this beautiful daughter we both love

He is a great dad he has his moments but hell we all do

Our daughter is lucky to have two parents that love her to intensely

We love her so much we have stood by each other trying to make this work

We can’t make this work even though we try and fail and try again

What is left is two people who hate each other instead of ones that can even just be friends

The bond that brought them together once is now gone for good, shattered to the ground never to be reborn

The emptiness that is left, it is cold and uncaring and unbiased and cruel

There are moments where I have to inhale deeply realizing I’ve been holding my breath this whole time scared to wake up to realize this is reality

Can I go on? Can I survive this? Can I come back from the hurt and the devastating heartache

My heart literally feels empty and shallow like I’m a shell of who I once was

I don’t know if I could ever give my heart again I don’t want this pain again I don’t want these tears

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