My Journey in Time

Life, It's Never What We Expect Follow Me On My Writing Journey

Theres a whisper somewhere deep in the back of her mind

Run, go, as far away as you can

Hurry, before it catches you, before you are consumed

Breath, hurry, before you can’t

It’s coming, she wants to stop it but she knows its inevitable

Stop, fight, back make it go…Please

She can’t escape, She know’s, that no matter what, its here to stay

Sleep, for there, you are safe

She drifts into a peaceful sleep where her dreams are the epitome of all

Wake, the whisper is strong

She stirs slowly, looking around realizing what has been done

It’s time, Stand up

Rising, she knows what she has to do, now to figure out how

Fight, not with fists, but with mind and willpower and the knowledge that it is possible to take back the light from the dark.

Reach out, smile more often

Even when times are bleak there is something there you can fight for

You will not win darkness, She will not let you

For life in itself is the most beautiful thing

Change when you can’t fix what is broken then its time

This is the time for her to shine no matter what

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