My Journey in Time

Life, It's Never What We Expect Follow Me On My Writing Journey

Staring out into the darkness

Staring out into the darkness

All she can feel is numb

As this numbness creeps in silent tears escape

Silently these tears fall as she can no longer be…

She looks at him and see’s his pain and hurt

Knowing him so deeply that now as they fight to figure it out

She no longer knows who she is or how to be

He wonders will things ever be the same?

His smile planted hoping to get her back

She puts on a smile she wills her strength to get through the day

The weight of this deep sadness is heavy and unrelenting

She wants him she knows that and decides to fight instead of heal

Once the numbness wears and the thoughts are flowing, she questions everything

Did he ever love her? Why did he hurt her so bad?

He wonders the same

Why was she so angry and hurt all the time?

She wonders

Why did he always put everything and everyone else before her?

Why didn’t she see what he did for her?

These questions may never be answered, their pain may never be healed,

Through this journey the universe never fully pulls them apart

Through the pain and the strife never divided

They stare at each other with tears in their eyes.

A longing for happiness together

Never knowing

Never saying

Never fully torn apart

Forever pulled together

God knew this from the start

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