My Journey in Time

Life, It's Never What We Expect Follow Me On My Writing Journey

When is it my turn?

When is it my turn to laugh?

When will I be happy or cry tears of joy?

When will I find that happiness? My comfort? My joy?

Trapped is what I am, and it’s where I’ll stay

I try bring kindness and positivity to all

Yet all I get is take.

There’s no give coming my way!

I say fake it till you make it but my motto let me down

I smile though it’s empty, laugh to no avail

Alone in my fears my sadness my insecurities

I just want to be seen I know my worth I try too hard

The pain creeps in, nothing fully numbs this anguish

So just because I’m smiling know it’s all a show

Behind that smile and the twinkle in my eyes

Deep down is a girl in pain

So lost

Not sure if I’ll ever be found

One thought on “When is it my turn?

  1. Rhoolarney says:

    I relate… sadly


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