My Journey in Time

Life, It's Never What We Expect Follow Me On My Writing Journey

We scream just to make up

We cry then we laugh

We love so hard that we don’t know when to let go

We hold onto all the hurt

Squeezing life where there is none to give

Trust is gone no where to be found

We make love like there is no tomorrow

We so fiercely cling as if today is the last

We want this, NO! We need this

We take a pause from all the fighting all the anger and all the tears

What is left when we pause the fight???

We laugh We smile We embrace each other’s fear

We give each other strength

We battle anything that comes our way

When you take away the hurt and the anger what is left is beauty

Beauty of a couple that was forged on survival and partnership

We move together in all things and support each other like no other time

Is it bad to say I’d rather be on fight pause forever? Just to keep things this way.

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