My Journey in Time

Life, It's Never What We Expect Follow Me On My Writing Journey

Living this life feeling so confused.

I love you with all of me yet I don’t know what to do

We laugh and we play we kiss and rejoice

In the next second it’s a flip, both of us with raised voice

The anger we both carry is embedded so deep

Both of us so angry the pain brings us heat

We yell and we scream both wishing to be heard

We feel taken advantage of, we feel unloved

No matter how great the good times, the bad it will erase

Erase the happy erase the memories and coat them in darkness

This darkness envelopes us and we can’t remember

Remember why we fell in love and why we’ve stuck together

The hurtful things that get said dont fully dissapate

I am sad and lonely no longer can I wait

My heart hurts so badly is this really our fate

to fight all the time and ignore the possibilty

Is this what our life will be is this what we have become

I want the two of us to be okay instead of looking dumb

All this pain and heartache it has made me feel so numb

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