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Being on lock down has been one of the strangest times in my life. We’ve read about it from the past and heard about it in other countries and now its on our doorstep. It has been scary and overwhelming in so many ways. First both my husband and I went to work from home and then my youngest daughter’s school was closed. This followed by a call from the Youth Challenge Academy in Idaho, it was time to bring my oldest home. At this point things got more real than ever. My oldest daughter’s school is part of the military and I knew that if they were still tucked away in the mountains there was no need to worry.

My mom and I made the trek to Idaho to pick her up and boy it was different from any other trip we made to the town I spent most of my childhood in. We didn’t meet up with anyone, we didn’t go into any stores, and we didn’t touch anything. We wore masks and gloves and sanitized ourselves every time we even left the car to potty or get gas. I think what bothered me more was that others weren’t being as cautious. All along the trip there were many small towns that, while all supplies were gone, still weren’t social distancing.

When we got my daughter I didn’t even get to hug her. I know that may sound strange to some but we had to be careful. If she gets sick she can’t return and complete the program and that would destroy her dreams. I don’t think I snuggled her until we made the 9 hour trip home and then showered and had clean clothes on.

We are definitely in hard times. I had an amazing job. I was a contract worker, but we were on the verge of becoming permanent. Shortly before they let us go work from home they called us into a meeting. They told us that we had permanent positions and that they were working up paperwork. I swear not even 24 hours had passed and they told us they were letting us all go. After they announced our last day would be the end of March they let go one half the company. I couldn’t believe how real things were getting. One minute I had a job making great money and a job that I was so happy at and the next its gone.

I was thankful I read the situation and was able to determine we needed to be prepared I had been getting essentials for weeks. I didn’t hoard toilet paper like some or the hand sanitizer but I didn’t make sure we had non perishable items to get through in case we ran out. Going back into the stores I am so thankful that I was smart before I had to be. I know not everyone had that luxury but I hope everyone is okay.

It was at this time I felt like everything that could go wrong was and it felt so crazy. I had to learn that right now its out of my control and its everyone that is effected not just me. Our world in in chaos. I see this death toll rise everyday and what to expect is changing just as quickly. I always thought we were an advanced country and that we were invincible in a way. To see that we are slower to act and slower to take care of our country, it just breaks my heart. There is not one person to blame either. We are just in a huge crisis we never thought we would have to worry about.

As we all get through this together it’s important to remember that our lives are important and if we just stay indoors and follow the guidelines we will get through this faster. Stay strong everyone and remember now is the time to focus on you in a way you were too busy to do in the past.

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