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I published my first novel recently. It’s based on a true story of a close friend of mine and how he lost his daughter. Here is a snippet of the book. You can stream the book through kindle or purchase it as an Ebook or hard copy book through Amazon. My biggest goal was to get the book out before the two murder trials that took place shortly after I released it. Such a tragic tale.



“911 Operator, what’s your emergency?” 

It is a call no mother dreams they would have to make. That moment where your child’s life hinges in the balance and everything depends on that ambulance to get to you as quickly as possible. 

“Help! Please! She won’t stop shaking” a woman screams into the phone “Oh My God, this can’t be happening.”

“Okay Ma’am who won’t stop shaking?” (in the background the 911 operator is obtaining the address of the panicked caller, it was her first call of the night and one she wouldn’t forget for a long time.)

“It’s my baby girl, she is shaking and turning blue!” the women screams into the phone. 

“Ma’am help is on the way. Can you do me a favor and turn your daughter on her side for me please? This will help her airway until paramedics arrive.” The operator is trained in emergency situations, to guide the caller to assist if possible. In the background you can hear the frightened woman moving the child then she comes back to the phone. 

“I turned her on her side and she isn’t blue anymore but she is still shaking, what else can I do? Someone please help her” the woman sobs feeling helpless. 

“You are doing great! The paramedics should be at your door any moment,” the operator reassures her. 

Suddenly there are other voices and the operator hears the panicked women shouting, “hurry in here. Help her quick!”

“Let’s give her a 5mg of Ativan”, the paramedic’s quickly went to work. “Perfect, now let’s intubate to protect her airway. There we go team let’s get her on the board and to the hospital if this girl is going to stand a chance. 

Then she hears the paramedic whisper to the other “who could have done this to her? This is terrible. Such a tragedy.” 

“I don’t know what happened she just started shaking and she wouldn’t stop, please help her, don’t let her die.” The woman’s voice is suddenly more in control and calm. “Thank you, I think the paramedics have it from here.” (Click) she tells the operator and then she disconnects the line. 

The 911 operator has a strange feeling in her gut and she makes a mental note to ask later and see how that poor child is doing. She couldn’t even imagine if something like that were to happen to her own children. She wonders what the paramedics meant by who could have done this? She says a prayer, takes a brief pause to regain her composure and prepares herself for whatever calls come in next. She only hopes, none as bad as this one. Working as a 911 operator sure has its ups and downs. She readies her phone to take the next call. 

“911 Operator, what’s your emergency?”

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