My Journey in Time

Life, It's Never What We Expect Follow Me On My Writing Journey


So powerful yet its just one tiny word

To feel nothing, as if where you once filled to the brim

Now lies a blank canvass

That feeling like an emptiness swirling from within


Now here is a word also so powerful

Be strong as if strength was your last breath

Yearn for it with all your might

Hang on

Fight as if there is everything waiting for you at the other side

Like a rainbow that rewards the gold, this life is worth fighting for

In the darkest hour when giving up is all the path lay out


You deserve to be a part of something

Push forward when all else fails persevere through it all

Know that life holds promise that we may not yet see

Everyone has a path, you have a destiny


Something taken for granted yet we all make them

Choose to be strong, never give up your fight

Then in the end you will see the light

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