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I once had a girl look at me and tell me she couldn’t be my friend. When I asked why she stated, “you are too nice, how do I know it’s genuine?” I sat there in shock. Our world has become a place where people can’t trust people just for being themselves.

I learned a lot this last year. I have seen so many injustices that have caused so much hate and animosity. Why can’t we just get to know each other as people not by race? There are so many normal things that everyone does that is classified one way or another.

I learned a few things. There are Mexican tacos and Black tacos. When I over heard this conversation I was so taken back. A taco shell with hamburger meat and cheese? That isn’t a one race thing. I think its a thing you grow up eating because it’s easy to make and cheap. Not to mention it tastes hella good.

I learned that some people absolutely don’t give others a chance due to the color of their skin. Its not because they are ugly but because of social acceptance and family values. IT IS NOT JUST ONE RACE THAT DOES THIS! It shouldn’t matter the color of ones skin, what should matter is their heart and that electric connection.

I learned that some movies are classified by race as well. Some movies like The Princess Bride or Clueless is considered a white girl movie while I am not really supposed to be watching some of my favorites like Belly or Queen Sugar. The thing is I don’t classify things by race, I classify things by what I enjoy and others should too.

Skin color is just that. A different pigment in each person. Each color slightly different from the next. What else is really different? If you look at it from an anatomy perspective there are no other differences really.

If you look throughout history and look at how, as a whole, people have been ignorant and destructive. Love should be paving the way instead of hate but it never does. We criticize each other for being different and think that because of the differences they must be wrong. That is the worst way of thinking a person can have because it teaches hate.

My daughter is mixed and she suffers, at 7 years old, from racism every day. White kids call her diarrhea skin and black kids tease her for her hair. She has seen more hate than she should at such a young age. It actually stated before she could remember. Adults would look at me and her dad and see an interracial couple and they would give us looks or make comments. What I have seen as a beautiful creation of life others think is a mistake.

Its wrong. The way people have taught their kids to hate. The way people judge a person by their skin color. Some of the most amazing people I’ve met didn’t have the same color of skin as me. Ive never thought a person could be bad just by their skin color, ever!!!

What happened in the past was wrong. Slavery was wrong! The Holocaust was wrong! Japanese interment camps were wrong! There are so many more injustices in the world racially. Things that would never have happened if we hadn’t made an assumption based on skin color. Being different is okay, hell i’d rather be different than like the rest.

I grew up in Idaho and growing up I wasn’t exposed to many different cultures. I didn’t realize how racist Idaho was, I was too young to understand. I remember one time we were going camping and we came upon a KKK clan. I didn’t understand then but now I know just how bad those people were. I didn’t know why dad and mom told me to not stare and we got out of there as quickly as we could. Though I am Caucasian we also have hispanic in us and we didn’t hang around to find out how they took to others.

Idaho angered me recently because of a protest a group of people did for a woman who clearly violated the stay at home order. She took her kids and met up with a group of women who were protesting the closure of the parks. She is on video allowing her kids to tear down the caution tape and play. When the cops came she refused to listen and she was arrested. People actually had the nerve to swarm the officers house that arrested her. The were demanding they drop the charges. They were telling the cops they will not tell them what to do. It was insane to see the stupidity of the herd. If that had been a black mom that was arrested I don’t think anyone would have turned out the same way.

I live in fear every day for my daughter and the experiences she will have because of the color of her skin. Not only will she have to try to fit in with one race, but two instead. Will she find her identity, will she be accepted? Will she be turned away at a restaurant like me and her dad one were? Will she be judged because she is genuinely nice like her mom? Will she be judged because she can dance? Will she be judged for how she talks? These are concerns every parent has when it comes to race. Children of color are treated and judged differently from a white child. Cops assume, teachers assume, and all of these kids (for the most part) are being failed.

Wake up people, let’s unite together as a whole instead of separating everything by race. We are a whole and that should be the biggest thing we strive towards as this world is changing so immensely. The US is no longer considered number one. We are in fact a joke at the moment. Now is the time to show the world we are capable regardless of the tone at the moment. We can love and show love and warmth. We can take the time to know someone and not stigma them. It doesn’t matter the color of ones skin. What matters is what is on the inside.

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