My Journey in Time

Life, It's Never What We Expect Follow Me On My Writing Journey


He gives She takes, He Takes She gives

Never seeing what the other does

Never Acknowledging, never appreciating and never understanding

Both quick to point out all the flaws and faults in one another

Yet neither person can see the flaws and faults in themselves

Never realizing that if they spent their energy working together

They would truly succeed in life and be stronger than ever


That is the key in all things

When you grow together you can be an unstoppable force

Growth together is strength when growth apart will never produce unity


Without expectations

When we can truly do this we can stop expecting the impossible


Life throws so much at us that the give and take becomes selfish

Instead that give and take should be equal

Accept the imperfections and the differences

Love all the flaws

What one forgets is those are the reason for the love in the first place

Before one gets caught up in others opinions and societies expectations

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