My Journey in Time

Life, It's Never What We Expect Follow Me On My Writing Journey

The heart mourns the loss of something never had
Longs for something that only happens in her dream
Dreams of happiness and true understanding
This heart a package wrapped oh so delicately
Stamped with a “fragile, handle with care”
Ever tossed and thrown as if a sailboat on the open seas
Yearning for true comfort, security, and appreciation
This heart, whose intentions are purer than a canvas lying blank before you
A need so strong, like a yearning to be held reassured all will be ok
Instead, trapped in a dark misery
Words holding one down as if drowning
Unable to find the escape
The fear of falling flat, like quicksand holding one down
Feet planted, hope almost gone, words and emotions trying to find escape
A plan formulated, strength building from within
No longer fear hiding there just an aching in the chest
Wanting so badly to fly free
Hoping one day the dream see’s
The worthiness and light this heart brings

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