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Author Tiffani Slaughter

I woke up today and while I am angry and sad I also feel such a sense of relief. To know that my baby girl wasn’t out of control for no reason. To learn that there was a reason for all the acting out from her and my baby brother. Predators happen in every way shape and form and the reality is that no matter how hard we try they are closer than we know. I am so sad and disappointed in everything that has happened.

What angers me so much is that I tried so hard to do this without causing a scene. I drove to my moms, I had written down everything I had to say so I didn’t mess up. I knew it was going to be a bomb dropping. I called my dad I tried to talk to him. He refused to talk to me and immediately threatening me and attacking me verbally. From there I decided if no-one wanted to listen or get help for my brother I would do what I had to regardless if everyone hated me. They begged me not to call the cops they begged me not to embarrass the family. But they embarrassed themselves with their behavior. I don’t want the world to remember this because of a scene I want the world to see that something needs to change. I started this post out wanting to speak more in detail from my facebook live but its more than that now.

There is something so wrong in this world that when one comes out, speaks up, and tries to say no more, they are shut down and told hey are liars. They are told not to embarrass the family, they are told not to speak up, they are told to sit down!. We can’t keep being silent. What is so wrong in the minds of the world that instead of saying this is an injustice, something needs to be done, people attack the victims.

It is not just me it is not just my daughter, it is so much more than that. The outpour of support through all of the violent and angry attacks yesterday helped me see there was hope. Something else though….the realization that this has happened not only to me but also too so many other people out there .What gives anyone the right to touch a child? What goes through a persons mind before they violate a baby? Before they groom them to think its okay, to think it is alright.

I watched for years as everyone blamed my little brothers issues on things that made some sense but never completely. To finally know what it is and know he has hope at a bright future and no-one wants to help him is sickening. The more we get into this the more that my past comes back to me. I have lived in a world where that stuff happened and it should never have been okay. There are many hurt and sick things that have happened because of choices of sick people. I will not go live at this time but I will be writing out everything I feel.

They can threaten lawyers but they can’t silence me. They can offer me money in the form of life insurance, I DO NOT WANT IT. I am okay with what I have I have no want for more. I am not bribable I am not easily scared and even though they said everyone would turn their backs once I spoke out they were wrong. I am stronger than ever and finally can breath in a way I couldn’t for a very long time. I have suffered my daughter has suffered but NO FUCKING MORE.

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