My Journey in Time

Life, It's Never What We Expect Follow Me On My Writing Journey

Fuck you for all the hurt for never being there

For choosing drugs over me when young

Fuck you for all the pain always turning your back and spewing hate

Fuck you for all the manipulation making me feel insane

Fuck you for stepping up you never really tried

Fuck you for stepping off that day I died inside

Fuck you for being so selfish you’d rather lose your kid

I hate you for the threats and for all the pain

For all of the years you would scream, judge, and evade

I thought I was your daughter though not by blood

Adoption seems pretty final I knew you since I was just wee

I was there for you for anything yet this is what you do

Your son hurt my child and you sit back watching like there is nothing to do

Your nephew hurt me, when I spoke you disowned me

I am not dramatic or emotional

I am fucking done being torn down by you

The worst you could ever be

Abuse was all you gave me

No more No Way

Fuck You Jeff Fuck You

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