My Journey in Time

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Dark secrets are like this known thing among family’s.

Especially from the older generations.

So many times, instead of getting help there are cover up’s.

It’s the elephant in the room that is never talked about.

The funny thing is, as our generations evolve, these secrets can be no more!

Not only are these secrets passed down, but so is the pain and the shame!

No-one talks about how this trickles so much deeper than just one person.

No one talks about how those secrets mold each person in our lives.

All the bad choices and out of control emotions start to make sense.

You see kids in your family end up in prison, drug addicts, out of control.

When things do come out you see victim shaming and unnecessary violence.

You see family members that people avoid unless forced at a function.

Then we all smile and act like they aren’t these sick mother fuckers.

When I went live on my video I didn’t realize just how deep this type of behavior goes so much further then a rare occurrence.

This behavior is sick, it should never be swept under the rug.

What is sad and the deeper I dig the more I find.

Family’s torn apart by those who lie and deceive and manipulate

Family members that spoke up in the beginning thank you

Immediate family that covered it all up FUCK YOU

I implore everyone that if you have been the victim of a crime or know someone that has been speak up, you never know just how much good that will do.

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