My Journey in Time

Life, It's Never What We Expect Follow Me On My Writing Journey


Author Tiffani Slaughter

Judgements are like these daggers thrown from all corners

You breath deep but the shield you are carrying weakens with each throw

Good intentions are not really what they seem

Attacks are baring down from all corners

Existence falls into this unquestionable sorrow

Strength weakens and sorrow seeps in

No-one can see the pain that has been buried so deep

Trauma coming back so intensely

The pain in my Childs eyes as I try to pick myself up

Wave upon wave of emotion rolling threw me

Whole world shattered, pulled out from other my feet

Loss so extraordinary nothing has ever compared

Claustrophobic beyond understanding

As the realization that life has forever been changed

Those lost are gone for good

The worst part is this is only the beginning

I feel like I am standing on a table in a crowded room

I scream and no-one looks up

I shout no-one hears

Is this what it is like to have no voice?

Or is this what it is like to drown?

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