My Journey in Time

Life, It's Never What We Expect Follow Me On My Writing Journey

Author Tiffani Slaughter

When I came out and spoke my truth my family thought they would silence me. They tried to hint at money, they tried to threaten me, and they tried to smear me. The problem is, I am very honest about who I am. They tried to say I am terrible because I got in trouble with the law. I wanted to clarify it here because I will not be doing a live for this. I got arrested in Texas for possession of marijuana. I had a little over two ounces on me and in the state of Texas, in Williamson County, that is considered a felony. I had no criminal record before and I didn’t fight the consequences. I did 7 weekends in jail and was on felony probation after that. If I messed up I would end up in state jail for a whole year.

Now let me tell you that was scariest and biggest mistake I could have ever made in my life. I completed my probation a year and a half early. I did all of my classes and all of my community service. I was an ideal probationee. I worked hard to get done early and handled it with grace. I got into trouble and I never did that again. Yes I smoke weed now but guess what, it is legal. My hope is one day it is erased from my record as it is happening all over the country. It was a deferred adjudication and I did my time. I showed my daughters that when you get in trouble you handle it and move on.

They will never be able to say anything because I have nothing to hide and they will never really affect me the way they have hoped too. I am strong, I will fight, I will not back down. Right is right and wrong is wrong and anyone protecting a sexual predator and choosing to smear me instead of shame him is sick and deserves all the unhappiness they have in their lives.

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