My Journey in Time

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New Normal

Author Tiffani Slaughter

Wake up throughout the night,

Another dream haunting me.

Back to sleep I go,

I pray sleep over comes into a blackness.

No more dreams,

They call to me wanting me to remember.

The more I do,

The further I sink.

Depression consuming me,

Unable to articulate just how broken I truly am.

The lies,

So many of them.

To realize why so many things happened the way they did,

it saddens me.

My loss is so much more than just a sick brother,

It was also so many others that didn’t want to see the truth.

What is even more sad,

There were many who knew the truth.

I can’t breath,

I tried to get her help and was fought tooth and nail, both now and before.

What sick world do we live in that ignorance is treated as the preference over the truth.

Ignorance is preferred so much that it would be done instead of protecting others who could become harmed.

What is right anymore?

Why are people so sick and cruel?

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