My Journey in Time

Life, It's Never What We Expect Follow Me On My Writing Journey

In this world, why are people so quick to protect the guilty? It makes no sense to me. I understand innocent until proved guilty, but when the proof is laid out in front of someone how can they not believe? Instead they attack, for fear that the truth will really come out. They shame and hurt the victims of the guilty because it’s easier than convicting the one. When truth comes to light in a family full of secrets and lies, its when the attacks become the worse. To lose them is like a weight lifted off ones shoulders, all the while feeling more empty and lonely than before. Its hard to accept the truth about all those around you as nothing truly makes sense anymore. Who are the people that raised me? Who are the people I knew my whole life? Did they realize just how bad they were hurting us? Did they care? Why is it okay to protect the wicked and shame the innocent. Life isn’t right, life isn’t fair, life is full of so much despair.

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