My Journey in Time

Life, It's Never What We Expect Follow Me On My Writing Journey

I need you

Like my lungs need breathe

I cling to you

Like without you the fall would never stop

I yearn for you

Like a baby years for milk

I beg for you

Like I’m fighting to survive

I wish

Upon every shooting star

I hope

That one day you will see me

For who I really am

Broken and tattered on the ground

Not sure which way to turn

Wishing someone could see the pain

Wishing someone would heal this hurt

Im standing in a crowded room

I scream

But no-one even see’s

Im invisible

Wishing you could see me

No more am I able to see past the grief the sorrow the pain

Yet Im alone

No where to go no where to pick me up

This endless fall is suffocating no end in sight

I need you

I only wish you needed me

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