My Journey in Time

Life, It's Never What We Expect Follow Me On My Writing Journey

You had it all

The wife, two kids, a great job to boot

You had it all

Nice cars, all the means, no want in the world

You had it all

Everyone strived to be just like you

Wanting to follow in your steps, to say we could too

You were the Golden child, the great, you never knew want or hate

Given so much freedom as a kid I guess it allowed you to do what did what you did

But how the fuck could you hurt my fucking kid

As her uncle you were supposed to protect her

Instead what you did was hurt her

Break her down and touch her

Talking to her saying “call me Uncle baby”

Incest porn is what gets you “HOT”

No mother fucker it’s what will get you “GOT”

You are sick in the head, you really need help

You aren’t my family aside from blood

You will never know all of the good

We are done I will never forgive or forget

You disgust me and this fight will not end

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