My Journey in Time

Life, It's Never What We Expect Follow Me On My Writing Journey

As the nighttime falls into the early light of the morning

I take a deep breath in and smile

Entertwined, our bodies meld into one another

Spooning in such a way my body fits perfectly right alongside his

I breath in and his scent wafts over me

Nights like this I wonder, has there ever been a more fitting pair

The realization that he is the perfect man for me coming back

Reminding me of why we fell in love

Such a small thing yet something so big

It took such a long time to see he is not the rest

Never a fit so snug or never before calmed by touch

No-one will ever compares to what we have

Through the good and the bad we have not let go

Really, I am writing this, to let you know

I love you more now than I have ever loved before

Its so scary to accept that you love me for me

Never before has anyone looked at me and accepted everything

Your touch is calming, kiss intoxicating

I look at you and I know I am safe and secure

I have spent so much time broken by those before

I almost ruined us for good unable to accept what I had

You didn’t give up refused to quit

That helped me see you are my perfect fit

You hold me up and encourage me in all I do

You have my back no matter what we are going through

I have pushed you away for way too long

Reactions way too deep and strong

Blowing instead of listening, my guard fully up

Both have made mistakes yet both still here

Never will we give up never will I fear

You are my husband You are my light

I love you Travis with all my heart

I will lie like this every night

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