My Journey in Time

Life, It's Never What We Expect Follow Me On My Writing Journey

I hate you and all you represent,

The doted Father your time never spent,

Verbal abuse our whole damn life.

Manipulation is all you knew.

Hate you always threw.

Violent words and violent attacks,

Ruptured ear drums wishes of death.

Lies you spew as long as I can remember.

Fighting til you can fight no more.

The sky is blue, No you say its green.

Hell you would say eagles laid our eggs if you could.

You are a pathetic excuse for a human!

Thinking your children were unimportant,

Was it worth it?

Was all of this grief and anger you spread,

Worth not having me there when you are actually on deaths door?

No-one really knows if you are sick is it true?

You only say this to scare us!

Only say this to control us!

Only say this to make us resent you for life!

Do you want your funeral to be empty?

I will not cry for you!

No more will I lie for you!

A good man you were not!

All my life, not a day that was not fought.

I hate you for all these nasty tricks!

Karama is a fucking bitch!

When you are looking up from hell,

Remember, what did you expect?

You manipulated, lied, and spread such vicious hate.

Why would I mourn you, when its you I hate?

I hope you cry upon the the fiery gates.

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