My Journey in Time

Life, It's Never What We Expect Follow Me On My Writing Journey

I started thinking about what it would be like to be on a deserted island. Not in the sense of if I could take something to the help me, but if my ship wrecked or plane wrecked and I was on a deserted Island and had to survive based upon skill and survival instinct.

I feel lucky because I do have my basic survival skills mostly down. A good memory I have with the man who raised me was the camping and fishing trips we took. He taught me how to handle myself outdoors. He always said you need to be able to handle yourself and never rely on anyone else.

If I were to get stranded I would, of course panic like a normal person but then I would get to work. I would create a shelter first with big tree branches and leaves, it would have to be sturdy to protect against elements. I would also have to find a way to create a fire. It is a good thing I keep matches in my purse and a lighter in my pocket. They will dry and be useful to get a person started. Then you would have to create a net out of vines to catch fish and use rocks to mold the ends of sticks. This would help you start survival mode.

From there I would ensure the fire is going at all times. I would then enjoy myself and treat it as a much needed vacation. I would sit by the beach, tan, swim, and live until I was rescued. I would be excited to be out in the wilderness and would get through stronger and smarter than before.

Now If I could take something I would have my laptop so I could continue to write.

Would you survive and how would you do it? What would you take if you could take something?

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