My Journey in Time

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Searching for the light

Yearning your whole life for more than what you have

Not millions of dollars or fancy cars

Instead just a stability you have longed for but never fully seen

You crave it so bad you spend a long time in a spiral of bad choices

So many choice that when you finally start to see good you mess it up

You mess it up because you don’t believe it could be real

So much time you spent crying as a child, a teen, an adult

So much hurt and sadness that hope left a long time ago

You see that it could be good

You see that anger you have had thrown at you for so long

In turn you are now throwing back harder

All the hurt that has been yours has to be felt elsewhere

You start snapping at cashiers, people just doing their job

The patience you once had gone, replaced by this swirl of hurt

Silently you are drowning, unable to stop doing what you do best

You fake it always faking it believing you will make it

Over time that smile stays on, planted in public just like you always knew

Crack, that perfect smile fades, you start to erupt in stores

Not caring who see’s you

Forgetting how to express yourself you blow and look a fool

Never meaning to hurt those closest but you always did

One day you woke up and realized something had to change

You started speaking your truth immediately instead of holding it in

Crack, you lose many of those closest too you

Every step to heal yourself causes those around you to dwindled

The ones that care stay and try to get through the roller coaster

Slowly you start to heal no more pain

Instead it is replaced with acceptance

You can’t change those with ignorance

You can’t make others see

The only thing you can do in life is be you

Then you will be free

Then you will heal

Then you smile a real smile

2 thoughts on “Path of Healing

  1. It’s like reading my own heart . Thank you. We need to love ourselves enough the heal and change for a better, happier us.


    1. Thank you. It’s such a journey.

      Liked by 1 person

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