My Journey in Time

Life, It's Never What We Expect Follow Me On My Writing Journey

You follow me around

Taunting me with my every move

Preventing me from saying what really needs to be said

Stopping me from reaching the stars

Teasing me every chance you can

Pulling me into this vortex of emotions

Doubt, you have caused, with every action I take

I become so scared

Not wanting to be fake

I close my eyes and you are there

I swallow pills and will you away from here

It quells the dark and shows me light

It gives me hope throughout its plight

I am so tired of the constant fight

Small, I have become

But still you have not won

Anxiety you are a bitch

You show up everywhere

No-one expects you,

Then BAM out of the blue

You show up unexpected

Cause me to be out of control

But now I have truly learned to roll

With all the twists and turns you bring

I grow in leaps and bounds

The more you come the more I will fight

You are a bully and a plight

I will be small no more

Goodbye Anxiety



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