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There is always some type of choice one faces in life. Whether it is to go to bed at a certain time or what color you will wear to that big interview the next day, there is always a choice. There are simple choice in life and there are big choice in life. Some choice are good, some are okay, some are bad, and some can be really really bad.

When you look at choice you really need to look at patterns as well. A person who goes to bed every night at the same time may also get up and do the same routine every morning. On the other side someone who goes to bed whenever may find that their morning routine is never as consistent as it should be.

From the patterns you then have consequences. Each choice you make whether it be sporadic or an every day consistency, has consequences both good and bad. I may choose to sleep in that extra ten minutes and sacrifice my morning routine. This leads to me not curling my hair. It may see insignificant, but what I didn’t know is that when I get to work I have an impromptu interview because my work wants to promote me. Now I am at work and I am feeling less confident because I didn’t take the extra time to get the wow factor. Now my confidence is down so I blow the interview. All choices lead to consequences.

As kids we spend our whole childhoods planning our futures. We wish and hope and work towards goals of what we will accomplish once we are on our own. Some people work really hard because they know exactly where they want to be. Others follow in the steps of those around them and slack, thinking they have time once they are older to figure it out. Now, unless that slacker wakes up and realizes that change has to start then, they will not succeed later on.

Circumstances play a huge role in all of it. As children we learn from those around us enough that we make an unconscious decision to either be like those around or be as far different as you can. It’s like this huge fork in the road when a child starts to go or lean one way or the other. There are success stories every day of a child in the streets or in a slum that came up and is a successful doctor or lawyer.

There needs to be a way we can mold children to think this way from the start. When a child enters school there needs to be more practical classes that allow children to learn life skills. Not just as teenagers about to head off as an adult but from the start. While they are learning math and science they should also be learning essentials like grocery lists, budgets, survival, and so much more. Maybe if this is how schools were taught our children would grow up with hope instead of doubt. It’s time for change in this world. To stop teaching kids hate and teach them to do more than just survive this world.

What do you think we could do to help our children with their choices?

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