My Journey in Time

Life, It's Never What We Expect Follow Me On My Writing Journey

Every time the bad comes

I’ve always picked up the phone

You were always there for me

You were my shoulder to cry on

You gave me so much hope

My guidance my light

We sensed with just a word

Any grief the other had

Mom I’m missing you like crazy

I wish it all didn’t go so bad

Held to such a standard

Unable to see clear

Lost is how I’m feeling

When I don’t have you near

From the moment of my birth

My best friend you’d always be

Side by side

Partners in crime

Laughter and tears

Sadness and joy

Always there for each other

Never far behind

I love and miss you mommy

Someone please set me free

I can’t do this without you

Yet somehow that is what must be

Seeing you pick up my girls

Brought me to deep tears

Only cause I miss you

Please don’t let this be some years

I am glad you are still grandma

I am lucky they have you

You are stronger than the Sun

You shine bright like the moon

I love and miss you mommy

I know we will be okay soon

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