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It frightens me that our country is about to become even more divided than ever before. For Kane West to step into the race this late in the game, it wasn’t with pure intentions for our country. He only jumped up and stated he was running to divide the Biden vote. Trump is hoping that this will allow him to get a slim chance at winning. This is Trumpaloompa’s last ditch attempt before the Republican Party pulls him from running and brings out a qualified candidate to run for office.

Right now our country is in utter turmoil. For the first time in a long time the world is laughing at us instead of aspiring to be here in the land of the free. No longer are we looked upon as great. People see chaos, hate, privilege, and downright ignorance in this country. It is not safe to walk around if you are a person of color. It is not safe to feel safe because the minute you do something big happens. We have people legitimately telling people they are wrong for feeling unsafe and wrong for standing up to racism. All the while these people are screaming racist slurs. If they aren’t they are saying things like, “Well aren’t you well spoken”, or “You must have grown up with some white influence”. Having a black husband I have seen it all. People are down right ignorant.

Hell we lived in Idaho for a very short lived time. People glared at us when we were at Walmart in town. An interracial couple is so unacceptable in a predominantly white area. The only people of color that were there when I was growing up were Mexicans. They worked the fields for all these white rich farmers. The only black people were brought over as I became an adult. These were refugees from Nigeria. They were all put in one area of town to live and that was that. There was no diversification in this town at all. Growing up, I didn’t understand that at all. In high school, I headed the Diversification club and tried to bring awareness to it being okay to be different.

In a town full of white supremacist and nationalists it is really hard to bring awareness and change. Hell you even had Mexicans wishing they were white. I can’t tell you how embarrassing it was to be dating a Mexican who walked around with a swastica tattoo on his arm. That didn’t last long. The worst part was having a dad and all of his family who thought they were white even though Indian and Spanish run through their blood more than white ever could. They walk around in their MAGA gear and talk as if they are better than everyone else. Shit my sister Katie married a white supremacist and that to me is so damn hurtful.

Now a black man of power that supports Donald Trump has stepped up to help the so called president spilt the votes. Wake up people. We need change in America. We need to better our Country. We can’t do that until we unite and realize that color doesn’t make a person. White people weren’t the founders of this country. Black people were forced here. If we can all realize these things and start for change. Stop killing people for the color of their skin. Stop being scared to walk past a black man. Stop judging that interracial couple and come together as a whole. America is supposed to be a melting pot that welcomes all.

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