My Journey in Time

Life, It's Never What We Expect Follow Me On My Writing Journey

I always assumed one day my prince would come

All of the movies played me

They made it all seem so fun

When you live in such a hell

You always fantasize

What will life be like

When I am in my years?

Instead all I found in life,

Was people who hurt me in life

Raped and never helped

Abused and never healed

Over and over I chose them wrong

I thought I could help to build

To mold what I saw everywhere around

I always chose wrong

Never stood up

Abused in such ways

Most would be confused

Now the PTSD is here

My husband is the only one I have

Things of happenstance

Erupts the years of pain and so much fear

Always hurt always used

Never have I gotten,

What other have its true.

Once he came around

I hoped things would change

He was different and so sweet,

A different lifestyle,

But that was no matter to me

We used to write songs

Spend time laughing and playing

Little by little though,

Little things turned into big

Neither knowing how to stop it

Neither wanting the other to win

My heart is hurting badly

I never wanted to do you harm

Lies from both sides

This game of hate we now play

Instead of doing the right thing

Tit for tat, this and that

All this hate when our love is so great

I don’t know what to do

I don’t know what to say

This pain is increasing

Every single day

All the dramatics instead of love

I hope one day we each heal

I hope one day there can be love

Death is what this end feels like

Is the pain here to stay?

I don’t know what to do

I don’t know what to say

Your words they now hurt greatly

Is the psychological warfare here to stay?

Im empty and alone

Nowhere to run

Nowhere to turn

Do we really have nothing left to say?

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