My Journey in Time

Life, It's Never What We Expect Follow Me On My Writing Journey

I sit here and watch your drunk ass tear me down

Abusive words bring down my crown

My heart aches immensely, but this I know

I don’t deserve what you’re giving

Not in any way

I’ve begged and pleaded

Cried on the ground

Hurting beyond words

As my world falls down

He sits and attacks

Thinking he is in the right

He cheated made another child

Only then did I stray

It doesn’t make it right

It’s caused one hell of a fight

I tried to walk away

I talked when I was hurting

I begged you to listen

Now you call me names daily

Right in front of my kids

You tell me I’m worthless

Your words beat into my head

I wanted to be happy

My fairy tale come true

I’ll never get my dream

I’ll never be truly seen

Hypocrisy at its fullest

The only difference is

I took accountability

I apologized wanting to work through

In the end you told me

It all became my fault

The pain you have caused me

It is becoming immense

I dreamt of it all ending

I need to find some light

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