Growth is an interesting thing. We spend a life time learning lessons. Well, hopefully learning lessons. As I’ve grown and started on my path of healing, I had to take a hard look in the mirror. I realized that even though I have no control over what is going on around me, I do have control of myself.

I am the only one who can control my reactions in tough situations. The only person who can stop the feeling that bubble up inside. Its a tough pill to swallow, for sure. We spend a big portion of our lives blaming others, blaming circumstance, or whatever excuse we come up with. All of those things may be factors as to why you react but it isn’t an excuse for poor behavior. Simple things like turning from a 1 to a 10 instead of reacting appropriately. That is something that is lacking in this world.

As I’ve started to reevaluate and focus on myself, I have learned how to have a much more peaceful existence. Instead of dwelling on something that really wasn’t a big deal I have learned to stop and assess which I have found to be so important. I have been more at peace and able to handle things without a melt down for better lack of terms. To reach a peaceful place you have to learn that you may not have all the answers or may not be able to address hurt from your past but you still can heal.

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