Innocent Lives #saveouryouth

Tonight, while scrolling through Facebook, I came across a devastating news story. A man threw his two-month-old child out of a 2nd story apartment window. This baby lost his life in such a senseless way, and it is not fair. This tragedy is another story of another senseless murder. Every time I see another vicious murder, I become so angry by the fact that these parents had options. Nowhere in this country are you forced to keep your child if you can’t handle it. Nowhere does it say you must have children. Nowhere does it say that getting knocked up or knocking someone up isn’t a solution to issues in a relationship.

A tragic loss like this one is an example as to why I wrote my book, Mercy: A Tragedy in Idaho. The world’s eyes need to be open to the truth. People need to speak up. If we said something when we notice it, we could prevent so many senseless deaths. Though my book is a work of fiction, it is based upon true events. There were signs all around that no one realized or picked up on. If we had, then maybe the little girl, whose mom killed her, would be alive and safe.

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