America Once Great, Now Fallen

I’m tired

Tired of all the hate

Of all the fighting

All of the lies

The anger

So much that it radiates

From the top of the chain

He stands there

Looking down on all of us

He thinks we are fish

He is taking away our water

With his every word

The real fish follow

The rest stand up

Outcrying this injustice

What has this country become

We are split in many ways

Ignorance and racism divide

Set back decades

Orange is all he is

Manipulation is his game

He is watching us die

He has no shame

I cry for the millions

You have destroyed

We used to be great

Now America is about Hate

You said you’d make us great again

Instead you made us slaves again

Election time can’t come soon enough

Before a war erupts

It is brewing with every speech

Every vial word he speaks

The cover ups the deception

If only Obama could come back again

Then and only then

Would America be great again

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