Day 2: Writers Challenge – Mind, Body, and Soul

Take a full 1 hour to yourself without interruptions. Put your phone on do not disturb, settle in somewhere you focus best, and prepare to do nothing else for an hour except write. Choose a goal for the write, it can be a character study, a short story or even an outline. Chose from the following: Freewriting, character study, the first page of a short story, a rough sketch of a haunting memory, a poem about the start of fall, a letter to your future self, an account of the best thing that happened to you today, a scene where a woman runs into her ex-husband and her best friend together at a funeral, plan for your dream vacation, or a description of your worst birthday ever. Please feel free to add yours in the comments or just do in your spare time. This is a great way to boost or refresh your writing skills.

For my one-hour write I have chosen to free write because I have an idea in my head and want to see where it can go.

She wandered down the hall, thinking to herself, where is he? This had become a normal thing, waking up in the middle of the night and her husband is nowhere to be found. She knew he was up to no good! Why else would he be disappearing? The strangest part was that he never took the car during these mystery excursions. His phone and wallet were always on the dresser. The only thing he never seemed to forget was the robe and slippers she had given him for Christmas last year. Though there house was on the bigger side, there was no way he could be inside without her finding him.

Some nights she tried to stay awake long enough to catch him but always seemed to be taken down by the merciless sleep fairy before he would go. Suddenly sleep came without warning in a way she didn’t fully grasp. Most days, the memory of the hour or so after dinner to when she fell asleep was so blurry, the reality seemed unclear. It never occurred to her that something could have been slipped to her to help sleep. Well, at least not for the first little bit.

Whatever was happening wasn’t as powerful as it once was because she was now waking earlier and earlier. She realized early on that she had to pretend to have not woken up. The one time she did say something, he had come unhinged and started yelling about how she needed to mind her business. When he had calmed down, he carefully explained that he had gone for a walk because he couldn’t sleep. There was no argument from her, and she knew then not to press the issue. If for no other reason than to prevent more broken items, including her arm.

Since being married, this was the first time he had ever grabbed her so hard that it seriously hurt her. Sure he had been somewhat rough. Occasionally he slapped her around but explained that was how marriage worked. If you didn’t obey your husband, there were consequences. The beatings weren’t as often as in the beginning because she didn’t have to be told more than once when he became displeased. She quickly learned to cook the right meals and clean the way he liked. She knew when to speak and when to shut up. It seemed that lately shutting up was what she was best at. If she did everything correctly for the day, he would reward her by letting her go to sleep before him. If she didn’t, he would punish her in more marital ways. She hated what her life had become, and she strived to be better. She only wanted to be the best wife.

What she didn’t realize was that when her husband was leaving in the evening, he was changing clothes in their cellar and riding a bicycle into town. The doors to the cellar were on the back of the property. The house was designed, back during slavery and there was no access to the cellar from the house itself, even though it ran under the house and then spread out far in the property. He would go into town and then come back and get to work every night. What she didn’t know was he had a thirst for something more than she could provide. He would spend months stalking his victims, learning their every move, and when the time was right, he would act. His meek wife had no idea he was the feared stalker of their little town. Many women had gone missing in the last ten years, and no one had ever suspected him. He intended to keep it that way. He didn’t mean to hunt right now and knew that the police would catch him if he didn’t slow down. There were eight rooms inside this vast cellar, and each one of them had been full, until the other night.

Star had fallen ill inside her cellar room. She had been 8-months pregnant when she went into early labor and passed away. Thank God he was able to save the child, but now he needed to replace her. How would he explain this child to his wife? He would figure it out in a few days, maybe suggesting that they adopt and then convince her this was the child for them. For now, he would have Venus watch her inside her cellar room. He would mourn Star later, but he needed to replace her and quickly. He knew the monster would come out if he didn’t have a complete collection. Star getting pregnant was a misfortunate accident. He was usually careful about protection, but he had one too many glasses of wine. After his bitch of a wife went to sleep, he let Star have it. Before he realized what he had done, he was deep inside cumming, and they only had to wait for the positive test.

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