Day 3: Writers Challenge – Mind, Body, and Soul

Day 3 – Cleansing your mind

Write about something that is frustrating you right now. It could be the heavy footed upstairs neighbor, something you saw in the news, or something else. Let it out. From here we will release all of those frustrations so we can effectively write.

*side note set aside one hour every day to write. It can be anytime as long as you do it daily.

Day 3: There has been something frustrating me for a while now. It may seem so simple to others or not that big of a deal but I have an 8 year old daughter who is in school at home and a husband who works from home as well and the noise around is astounds me. Its like all of our neighbors are missing their mufflers. We live in an apartment complex and we are the corner apartment. Everyone parks around us and all sounds emanate into our apartment. It doesn’t help that the bass in their cars shake our foundation and you can’t hear yourself think, its constant and every day. As this pandemic has taken its toll in our apartments people have moved out. With that comes new and younger residents who also think loud music anytime day and night from their cars is okay. This is a big frustration for me, though i will never address it. What it taught me was that I need to live in a house. I know it won’t stop all of that but it wont be so bad. No one has consideration in this day and it is so frustrating.

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