DAY 4: Writers Challenge – Mind, Body, and Soul

Day 4: Figure out what works best for you. What gets you in the zone? What time of day do you get the best work done? Do you need absolute quiet or does noise drive you to write harder? Think about these things today as you do a free-write. Tell a story in 30 minutes of anything of your choosing. Focus on being descriptive inside this challenge. Paint the whole picture.

It was a dark and crisp night. The fall nights were turning colder and colder as the minutes passed. I stare out at the frost forming on the tips of the blades of grass in the yard. The trees were sunken a little further, weighted by the cold. Piles of leaves are still in the yard from when the girls played outside yesterday. Watching them rake up thee pile in the leaves was such a joyous sight. It felt like only yesterday it was me and my siblings in the yard doing much of the same. Life is peculiar sometimes, the way people go in different directions. It’s been years since I visited with my siblings. The times we have been around each other it was more formal than anything. It didn’t help that the last time we were really together something crazy happened.

It feels like only yesterday we were all at our favorite hometown bar. We used to have regular monthly meetups at the Ginger. It was the hottest spot in town with a new hardwood dance floor, candlelit ambiance, and the best music from all genres. You could be young or old, in here everyone came together inside. The warmth from the fireplace was always emanating, people had gathered around it on that fateful night. Sarah, my younger sister, had gone quiet. She was usually the most boisterous person in the room, so this was strange. I had prodded her all evening to open up and her stubborn, short, blue-eyed self was just like the rest of us. She would tell us when she was good and ready.

Suddenly the front door opened and a stranger walked in the door. He was 6ft with the same eye and hair color as the rest of us. He appeared to be about a decade or two older but still had soft friendly eyes. When he looked around, his eyes stopped, settling on us. He immediately turned and walked towards us. Brad had been quiet until now but as soon as the stranger approached he became angry. Sarah started to sob she, I had never seen my siblings get like this. Then I realized this was the man in my nightmares. An old friend of the family that used to be around all the time. It was only after Sarah, who was the youngest, had become a preteen, that he just disappeared. Memories of everything came flooding back. Picture after picture and video after video of all the pain I had suppressed since I was a young child came piling back like a bag of steel. This monster standing before us was the secret I never shared, the reason I am who I am, he is my rapist. From the look of it, he may have also been hurting my siblings. We each handled it differently. Sarah shut down even further, Brad got angry, and I flipped out. Brad was red in the face, it appeared to be both embarrassment and anger, he slammed his beer into the counter and walked out. Sarah just kept crying, and nothing could console her. He looked at me and said he needed to talk.

I walked with him to the parking lot, dragging Sarah along for protection. Jesper looked at me and his eyes fell to the ground. Finally, he confided that he is in recovery and part of his program was asking for forgiveness from those he harmed. I was taken back by the audacity to think I could forgive him. I was trembling, trying to find the words to tell him how I felt. Suddenly and without warning Brad came up from behind and started swinging on Jesper. With each connected blow, more force came from Brad. It was as if he couldn’t stop and was out of his mind. It took me and Sarah a few minutes of stunned silence as we watched the life drain from Jesper. When he finally slowed I came up and kicked him hard and then suddenly Sarah was next to me with her hands in the air. Before I could comprehend what she was doing she had swung down with a brick and that was the end of Jesper. We buried that body and never told a soul. After that, we couldn’t bring ourselves to continue being around each other. The visits and calls slowed until not one of us spoke with the other. One thing I know for sure though, this man will never hurt another person or take a child’s innocence ever again.

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