Day 5: Writers Challenge – Mind, Body, and Soul

Day 5: Today we focus on knowing that while we love our special writing place that helps us get our best work done, there will be days were we have to write anywhere. You have to get used to knowing that at any moment genius can hit and you will need to write so you don’t lose that idea. When you think about this think abstract places like a grocery store line, the middle of your child’s karate lessons, or driving down the road. For me, the best ideas come as I drift off to sleep. Stories fill my mind like a movie. Characters are formed, scenes become set, and I used to let myself drift off and wake up the next morning ready to write. My problem was the story was never as vivid or clear as it was the night before. I am still bad about it most of the time. The times I actually open up my phone recorder or laptop, those are the times I actually write my most amazing pieces. All the chapters in my books that were formed to lull me to sleep. So with that tell me where are the places that inspire you the most?

Day 5: This is a task that should take about 15 minutes. I challenge you to set the scene for your surroundings. It has to be from the point of view of where you are currently sitting. It only needs to be one paragraph. Include all the important things. What is the weather like? What do you see? Feel free to take part, I’d love to see what you can do too!

I’m sitting on my patio. The weather is perfectly warm with the sun high in the sky. Just past lunchtime, no one is really outside. From beneath my patio umbrella I take in the trees. They are wispy and delicate reminding me of the pink cloud like trees in the Lorax. The bushes off my concrete patio rustle as the birds peck the ground. A tiny Blue Belly lizards lies lazily in the drain pipe that climbs down the building. Every once in a while I hear a clang and look up to see someone tossing their discarded items into the garbage. I hear music off in the distance. I look up and see a small child playing on his upstairs patio, enjoying some fresh air and a child’s slide. Smoke billows from the sweetly rolled blunt. Ahh, this is the life. My own little paradise.

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