Day 7: Writers Challenge – Mind, Body, and Soul

Day 7: Congratulations on reaching day 7. You have successfully completed a full week of our boot camp after today. So far we have organized and focused our writing style. We have also etched out the time daily to write. We have thought about having the ability to write anywhere if inspiration hits. Today I want to have fun, before we get into the meat and potatoes of this challenge. Lets do a free write. Just write straight for 15 minutes about whatever comes to mind. Don’t worry about editing as long as there aren’t huge errors. Just write and share what you came up with. Good luck and let this amazing challenge continue.

Today, I stepped outside to a chilly and windy day. The air that had been warm and slightly thick yesterday has taken a sudden change. Leaves are now falling to the ground. The color of each has changed from green to an array of reds and browns. The clouds have become darker and the sun is barely peaking underneath. It looks like a curtain, a child has lifted it slightly to peak underneath. As the pressure builds the clouds release and rain falls to the ground as if the skies are rejoicing. It falls harder and harder, no way to stop the chill that has settled in.

Today also marks a momentous occasion. We have a woman in the Vice President seat. This is something we can’t take in lightly. This action has paved the way for generations of women before us. So while the skies are raining they are raining tears of joy. No matter what side, really think about it, we have a woman in the White House. She will have a great responsibility to show an ignorant America just what a woman can do. From here, the next step is the Presidency. 8 Years from now we will have it just wait and see. So lets unite, agree to disagree, and start to really make America great today. This day is the day of the greatest history of our time. If you are 21 raise a glass with me and let us toast to the joy we are all feeling. We won and we did it without passing the buck like #45 has. We will finally have a president in office that will take responsibility and get us back on track. Let us all take a deep breath and rejoice that things will get better.

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