Day 9: Writers Challenge – Mind, Body, and Soul

Day 9: This is a great day for us in this challenge. Today we are going to do a writers stretch activity. This will be one that we continue 3 times a week to help us exercise our writing ability. This challenge will allow us to step out of our comfort zone. We all have our comfort spot, whether we write novels or articles. There is a specific genre writers focus on, a niche. I have been focused on psychological thrillers but not romance. There are many twists and paths to take in my writing. I don’t feel as comfortable writing in some other focus areas, like historical fiction or sci-fi. When I write poetry, its always been in my own format, not the ones taught. Though you will see aspects of different forms inside mine, I’ve never fully reached out of my spot to hone my talent.

For today, we are going to pick something that takes us out of our zone. Maybe its a new form of poetry or a new genre you wouldn’t normally try. Today is the day we seize the moment and grow outside of our comfort to really become a successful writer. Anybody should be able to hire me us for any subject and we need to be able able to adapt. Before starting this day challenge do some research on different forms of writing, new styles, new genres, and broaden your horizons.

Today I have chosen a Poem. I researched further and chosen to do a Villanelle much like Dylan Thomas did in “Do Not Go Gentle Into That Good Night”. I have never done one and will continue three times a week posting these with different forms of writing under the subject “Writing Stretch” Feel free to join in.

She lay quiet and still

If she moved, it gave a thrill

Life could be ending, a sudden chill

Tears fell from her eyes

She looked towards the skies

How could she have fallen for all these lies

How could this be her fate

She had thought, how lucky he wasn’t late

This wasn’t supposed to be her last date

Everyone warned how bad dating apps were

No one could have prepared her

Her arms were bound by what felt like fur

 She let out a sudden and shrill scream

Her eyes had caught the glisten and gleam

He raised his arm high, interrupted by a bright beam

The person winked and turned out the light

Her life was over, that was truly a tease

The knife was suddenly back in the air

Sheer pain filled her body, then darkness filled with a sudden ease

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